Product Liability Defense

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Automotive, Motorcycle and ATV Litigation

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Commercial & Business Litigation

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Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation

Kent Hanson, Mick Greene and the legal team at Hanson Bolkcom Law Group have more than thirty years of experience in civil litigation. Over the years, we have built a network of resources that can be of great value to your case. Effective trial lawyers understand that litigation issues are often sensitive and require an understanding not only of the law that applies, but of the things that are important to you – the client. Hanson Bolkcom Law Group is committed to doing what it takes to get it all right so you get the quality representation you deserve.

We provide civil litigation services in Minneapolis, throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. We help clients build a forceful and effective case, without breaking the bank. We are committed to exploring the legal options available to clients and understanding what really matters to them.

Torts and Insurance Defense
Not all companies are in the position to retain counsel directly, but these companies can still have the same high quality, sophisticated service as our major automotive clients. Hanson Bolkcom Law Group’s services are available through a variety of insurance companies, including State Farm Insurance Companies, Travelers and others.
Asbestos Litigation Defense

From time to time companies with products or facilities may find that asbestos was present in parts of their products or in facilities and equipment they own. This can lead to time consuming and potentially expensive litigation. Hanson Bolkcom Law Group has the experience and expertise to help if you find yourself in such a position. We have helped other clients in this area and are available to help you, too.

Employment Law

Hanson Bolkcom Law Group’s focus on civil litigation has naturally evolved to include helping our clients with employment related matters. This may relate to alleged breach of non-compete agreements, claims of hostile work environments or simply to the interpretation and enforcement of employment contracts. Our attorneys have handled such matters for others and welcome inquiries about how we can help with your employment law needs.

The legal team at Hanson Bolkcom Law Group is prepared to help you sort through the legal issues you face and build a persuasive case. If you have questions about a civil litigation matter or would like to schedule a consultation, call us at (612) 342-2880. We are here to help.